1,The localization service

   Shenzhen house built in major cities across the country have set up offices in the country has more than 30 core agent, has a complete sales and service network, can arrange specialized engineering and technical personnel on-site technical support service. Can provide customers with the most convenient, the most quick localization service, achieve the timely response.Technical service hotline to provide 7 * 24 hours telephone technical support.Service telephone: 0755-85271085;

2, The lifelong maintenance

   In view of the customer has been built using shenzhen hao products, if you have any comments or Suggestions in the process of use, we will actively solve and adoption, and do the first feedback, to perfect the first time, also take the initiative to contact the customer after system perfect and upgrade of the system. In addition to providing personalized functional requirements, I will try my best to perfect and improve, develop functional modules to meet customer demand, and in a timely manner to upgrade.

3, Technical training

   Project implementation for the first time, in order to guarantee the safety of the equipment supplied by, reliable operation, to facilitate customers for operation and maintenance, by our company is responsible for the customer's operation and engineering technical personnel for the contract equipment and technical training, through training, the training of personnel to a basic understanding of the basic structure of the contract equipment, performance, skillfully master the use of software and hardware equipment, operation, maintenance, and can eliminate most of the problems in a timely manner. Upgrades for the late, my company engineering and technical personnel will be in time to come to the interpretation of the latest features and training, will once again to the operation of the customer and engineering technical personnel training in all directions.