What is the video conferencing system?

   Video conference is to utilize the existing communication network (including all kinds of transmission network) and digital signal compression processing technology, the audio and video signal processing and data then crosses to the far end, realize the face-to-face communication. Its for point-to-point communication form, point to more and more to more. The main equipment including MCU (multipoint control unit), video conferencing terminals, gateway, network gateway and related peripheral equipment of form a complete set, such as display equipment, sound system, etc.

What is the function of video conference system?

   Video conference can realize the organic integration of data, video, voice applications and the efficient use of network resources, face to face talk with people thousands of miles away, be far away, near at hand, and can independently organize and held a meeting, business operation, remote management, information exchange, technical training, etc., to save time and travel expenses, improve the work efficiency greatly.

The development trend of video conference?

   Video conference has experienced four generations: the development of the first generation is in the 70 s. Using analog transmission, bandwidth (960 words), so that the user is few. The second generation is in the 80 s. Its transport from analog to digital transmission, from the original digital static to dynamic image transmission, 8-34 MBPS bandwidth. The third generation in the 90 s. Video conference adopted the ITU (ITU) standard h. 320. Formally enter the commercial field. The transmission bandwidth of 64 KBPS - 2 MBPS. The fourth generation for the 21st century. Video conference into the multimedia communication. Based on international standard h. 323 and SIP, audio, video, and data fusion. Suitable for different users, the different needs of communication.

Demand for network video conference system is what?

   Can widely running in IP video conference system, ISDN, FR, DDN, various network environments, such as satellite networks. For the JHX system, as long as the network interface standard, such as: v. 35, E1, RS - 449, RS - 530 and LAN interface.

Establish the cost of video conference system include what?

   Video conference system construction costs are divided into construction fee and royalty. Construction fee is a one-time investment, including video conference equipment purchase cost, the construction of basic network cost and conference room decorate cost. Use mainly includes the use of the network, such as telecommunication line rates, etc.

What are the international standard video conference?

   Industry is the international standard of video meeting by ITU (international telecommunication union) and IETF engineers (international). Mainly begin with letter H. Video conference industry international standard h. 320, h. 323 and SIP three main standards set. The standard of h. 323 is the mainstream. The next generation of SIP is established standards. Commonly used algorithm is as follows: image processing algorithms are: h. 261, h. 263, h. 263 +, h. 263 + + and h. 264 image clarity: CIF (VCD), 4 CIF (DVD) and 10 CIF (HD, 16:9 digital high definition television) voice processing algorithms are: g. 711, g. 722, g. 722.1 Annex C, g. 723, g. 728 and g. 729 voice clarity: 3.4 KHz (line), 7 KHz sound quality (amplitude modulated radio) and 14 KHz (FM radio sound) data algorithm are: h. 239 encrypted communication algorithm are: h. 235 v3

When purchasing video equipment need to pay attention to?

   Stability, audio and video quality, after-sales service, function and price. When purchasing video equipment use what are the benefits of the solution? Overall solution does not have compatibility issues, the advanced technology of advanced features can fully reflect a unified management platform, unified interface, unified technical support. There is no after-sales service evasive problem.

The use of video conference site can only be in the room?

   The traditional video meeting must be held in the meeting room. The latest technology to make participants held computer on your desk and attend the meeting, can be on the way on a business trip, cell phone dial to attend the meeting.

Internal use video conference in addition to the unit, also can and brother unit for the meeting?

   You can. For use within the video conference system to meet the unit at the same time, and can also have such devices (conform to international standard protocol) same brothers unit for the meeting. Can even meeting with foreign partners.

What are the conference system of the equipment?

   In these days, the video conference system has been adopted by more and more business people, it can overcome some of the time and space limit, become a kind of new communication tools. Modern conference system of the equipment is mainly have the following equipment: conference system is the most basic equipment is composed of microphone, amplifier, audio equipment, they played the sound transmission, the role of amplification. And with the promotion of conference system functional requirements, especially cross-regional cooperation under the global economic situation, have bigger conference system category, including the review, video, remote video and telephone conference, with the translation, these are the constitute the basic elements of conference system now, and derived a series of related equipment, such as control, temperature control, lighting control, voice control, power control and so on. The development of modern science and technology, under the prompting of conference system is defined as a set of meeting related hardware and software, etc.

Video conference room layout opportunely: reasonable lighting design

   In the process of the practical application of video conference system, the conference room of the light quality is an important factor affecting the quality of video image, so the user in the meeting room decoration layout, the key must not ignore the lighting design. The lights of the reasonable layout will boost meeting graphics, make the participants have more comfortable visual enjoyment.

The light requirement in the meeting room

   Generally speaking, due to the time of video meeting has strong randomness, indoor used artificial cold light source, avoid the natural light. At the same time, the conference room doors and Windows need darker shade curtain, and to ensure that the light had no adverse effect on the human eye vision, often choosing trichromatic lamp (3000-3500 k color temperature) is more appropriate. In actual decorating a process, in order to ensure correct image color and camera self balancing, irradiation in participants face light should be uniform, intensity of illumination should be not less than 500 lux, and monitor, projection TV near the intensity of illumination of 50-80 lux, should avoid direct light. According to the need of participants face light even, can install diffuse lens for lighting when decorate, make fully diffuse light. Trichromatic lamp generally installed on the ceiling in the conference room, want to install on the ceiling L framework, lamp installed in L framework to the corner, make the light does not directly on to the object and the participants, and will depend on the ceiling to light reflection, scattering light

To ensure perfect light effect, the conference layout principles

In the conference room layout, must fully consider the camera needs, to ensure the clear for the primary purpose of the image. First of all, in order to prevent color camera of the characters of "seize the light," and "reflective" effect, setting wall should be individually designed, had better use light color evenly and usually USES cream-colored or gray, unfavorable use format, chaos to ban the use of strong contrast color, to facilitate the camera lens aperture Settings. Second, the other three sides of room wall, floor, ceiling and all should match the background color of the wall, avoid is used a black and bright saturated color, usually use shallow blue, light grey, etc. Every wall and not suitable for hanging from a complex figure case or complex format, in order to avoid or zoom camera movement image to generate the fuzzy phenomenon, at the same time increase the coding overhead. In order to more effectively control the light, to prevent direct sunlight, the user had better install the conference room window seal or tinted glass, also can hang curtain cloth. Moreover, the user