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USB drive free video conference omnidirectional microphone YSX-E800S
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Product features:YSX - 800 - s the omnidirectional microphone is a provide software video conference and the design of VOIP treble Qualitative speakerphone.Built-in high-performance intelligent 16 - Bit DSP chip, into and out of the audio directly on a chip for high speed operation Processing, not only can effectively block noise, eliminate echo, high-speed processing high quality 16 k audio sampling, calculation, the video conference should make software Can get the clear voice communication quality.


800 s meeting omnidirectional microphone

Built-in high power of the woofer, full-duplex transmission mode, can be said at the same time, while listening to the most close to the

real communicationWay, the speaker output, but also to meet the demand of 3 to 5 people, small

meeting rooms.


800 s meeting omnidirectional microphone
Can be widely used in video conference, remote education, remote medical treatment, remote meetings, remote training, long distance remote recruitment cooperation, etc The aspects.


800 s meeting omnidirectional microphone
360 - degree omnidirectional high sensitivity microphone. Radio within 10 to 15 square meters without blind Angle. Radio range 1.5 m, suitable for all kinds of meeting space!


800 s meeting omnidirectional microphone

The builtin efficient DSP chip.Other external noise are eliminated.Eliminate echo, restrain the noise, the Hi - Fi amplifier and high quality Qualitative speakers!