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SD Video Conference Camera GX-100U
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Product features: GX - 100 - u video conference camera image image, image freezing, 10 x optical zoom;One-click operation,Easy to use, fully functional, performance is remarkable!Can be long-term stable operation, easy to use, do not need to maintain.With multipoint target preset,Memory, scanning region, auxiliary switch control, infrared remote control, inverted image, mirror image, image freezing, etc.360 ° level Unlimited scanning range, compatible with a variety of control protocol, using standard RS422 / RS232 control mode.

Sd type high speed camera meeting
All the glass lens, A full set of domestic top movement. Use A grade glass material, 10 x optical zoom lens
Presents the high quality and hd pictures for you!

Sd type high speed camera meeting
Can be widely used in video conference, remote education, remote medical treatment, remote meetings, remote training,Remote recruitment, foreign cooperation, and many other aspects.

Sd type high speed camera meeting

360 ° unlimited scanning range, no dead Angle 120 ° vertically flip up and down is to scan, can hang a wall to ceiling Suitable for any position, unlimited!

Sd type high speed camera meeting

Can be perfectly compatible with all kinds of video conference software on the market, such as:

Yishixun, high, V2 software, QQ, MSN, SKYPE and so on meeting,

remote communication can communication tool.