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Video conferencing terminal MCU/ HD video conference server 1080P/720P AT-9800C
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1. Based on the SIP protocol, and compatible H323 protocol, embedded systems, telecommunication level frame type, have antiviral attack ability, support 7 X 24 hours continuous uninterrupted work. Support user meeting demand at the same time, can provide the 3 c certificate;
2. IP configuration number 18 8 m meeting access ability, support later expanded to 128 road 8 m IP conference access ability, support 64 KBPS to 8 MBPS terminal transmission bandwidth;
3. The video codec agreement the h. 264 and MPEG4;
4. The g. 723.1, g. 728, g. 722.1, MPEG4 AAC audio protocol, support 5.3 Kbps ~ 32 Kbps broadband voice, echo cancellation, audio intelligent automatic gain, noise suppression, mute detection technology, intelligent equilibrium;
5. QOS guarantee loss of the independent research and development technology, have the function of packet loss, IP network packet loss rate in 30% of cases, still can ensure quality of video and audio effect. Intelligent envelope repair technology can ensure video image integrity not flowers screen; Can provide the test report;
6. Support multiple terminal hybrid rate concurrent sessions, support more than 5 kinds of different mixing speed rate hall to attend the same meeting. And each point can be adjusted according to the real-time condition rate of video size and frame rate of the size and the size of the stream;
7. The ZLIB is combined with JPEG video compression technology, can support the QCIF resolution, CIF, 4 CIF, XGA, VGA, an SXGA, 720 p, 1080 p, and support dynamic adjustment in the process of the resolution of the meeting.
8. More meeting space, can be in different meeting different groups and independent does not affect each other, meeting group number and the meeting personnel quantity can be arbitrary set;
9. Support the electricity automatically start, power support to held a meeting after recovery, equinoctial terminal can automatically login to video conference interface;
10. Using the advanced MD5 irreversible encryption technology, support SSL, identity authentication, data integrity check/DES, AES encryption, firewall protection, has a complete multi-level user management mechanism;

11. The free discussion mode, operation mode, speaker, chairman of the three kinds of control mode, and support for dynamic conversion in the meeting;
12. To support screen size larger window layout, up to 36 split screen, manual switch and support in the meeting;
13. The perfect communication between inner and outer net forwarding, double front-end ports and double IP;
14. Support cascading function, cascade function support three-level cascade, can provide test report;
15. Support Gao Qingbiao qing, plate client meeting, software and hardware mix meeting, a