Product Detail
Conference omnidirectional microphone YSX-ENT510
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modelYSX - ENT510
The keysMute button, volume control button, microphone mute button, speaker mute button
The LED lightBlue light means standby and talk mode, blue light and red light alternate flashing means microphone mute mode,
The voice functionSpeaker sampling frequency: 24khz, microphone sampling frequency: 16Khz
Hardware specificationsAll point to one double capacitance microphone, 4 Ω 8 w speaker, USB bus power supply (DC 5 v / 500 ma) 5 meters, 3.5 audio inp
Electrical specificationsOperating voltage: 4.5v ~ 5.5v
The microphoneOriented, double capacitance sensitivity: 34 + / - 3 dB, frequency: 100 ~ 10000 Hz, the output impedance: 2.2 K or less Ω, signal-to-noise ratio: 58 dB, sound pressure level or higher: 115 dB, current consumption: 0.5 mA or less
The echo offset256 ms
Reverberation time< 0.5 S
Product noiseThe < 48 dba
Audio processingAEC/AGC/NR/NLP/ALC
System environmentWindows 7 / vista/xp / 2000 / Mac10.5 / Android, network real-time communication software skype tencent QQ, MSN, UC, conferencing software such as broadband Internet access (ADSL or Cable Modem environment...Etc.)
Working humidity=-20-90%
The environment temperature. - 40-70 ℃, 0-95% RH
Product size325 x 340 x 64mm
The product weight650 g
Packing size400 x 347 x 94mm
Packing weight1500 g